League Lingo

LWVMS: League of Women Voters of the Mid-Shore of Maryland—Our local League, the grassroots of the League which deals with concerns of our community. LWVMS members also belong to state and national League organizations.
LWVMD: League of Women Voters of Maryland—Our state organization which deals with matters before Maryland’s executive and legislative branches of government. Sometimes referred to simply as “state” (as in “State will be testifying next Monday”).
LWVUS: League of Women Voters of the United States—The national organization which represents us in our nation’s capital. Sometimes referred to simply as “national” (as in “National will be holding a press conference next week”).
LWV MDEF: League of Women Voters of Maryland Education Fund—Tax-deductible contributions can be made to this fund. These contributions are earmarked for our local League and used to fund our League's educational efforts, including publication of the Voter's Guide.
CONCURRENCE: Agreement of the members with a specific statement of position developed by another League or League level.
CONSENSUS: The “sense of a meeting” on study issues, i.e., general agreement of the members on specific questions. Consensus is taken at a general meeting.
FACT SHEET: A publication that gives background information on the subject to be discussed at the next annual meeting.
LEAGUE STUDY: An examination of an issue selected by members at any of the three League levels to be included in the following year’s program. A committee researches the issue and presents its findings to the members in a Fact Sheet. When the issue warrants a new or revised League position, the committee prepares consensus questions and delivers a consensus report.
LEAGUE POSITION: A stand developed through League study and consensus and used to influence public policy. Positions reflect the thinking of members, express the views of the League on issues, and form the basis for League action.
LOBBYING: A League presentation to a legislator or legislators advocating a position on public policy agreed to by League members through consensus.
PROGRAM: A term used to refer either to an agenda (as in “LWVMS members selected a new study for local program next year”) or to positions already determined on issues (as in “LWVUS program includes a position on International Relations”).
BOARD MEMBER: An officer or director elected by members at Annual Meeting or appointed by the Board.
PORTFOLIO: Area of responsibility of a Board Member. For example, Voter Service, Health Care.
OFF-BOARD: Term for a League member who has accepted a responsibility for a specific job but does not attend Board meetings.
PMP: Per Member Payment—Of LWVMS’s current $50 annual dues, $30 goes to LWVUS, $14.00 to LWVMD, and $2.57 to liability insurance. The remaining $3.43 is used to support LWVMS activities.

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